Spruce Up Your Landscaping to Attract Home Buyers

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4 Landscaping techniques to impress home buyers and make your home stand out.
Add Some Color
Plants and flowers can give your homes a more welcoming appeal.   Don't forget that the curb appeal is the first thing buyers see when they arrive and the last thing they see when the showing is over.  Adding some color greatly improves the curb appeal.

Mulch to make it look fresh
Add mulch to plant beds to keep the landscape looking fresh, well-taken care of and to add a splash of color.    It's an easy and inexpenive way to make everything look new.

Use Decorative Architectural Elements 
Gates, shutters, grilles, columns and doors all say something about a house. If they’re in great shape, well-painted and rust free, they indicate that the home has been well maintained and cared for. 

Size the Landscaping for the Size of the Home

Great landscaping can win over a buyer’s heart as it can dramatically improve the curb appeal. You want the property to look fresh and alive but landscaping should not overwhelm or diminish the look of the property. A common mistake is overgrown shrubbery and unpruned trees. On the opposite end, if the house is brand new and needs some curb appeal, choose plants and trees that will complement the look of the home.  Don't go too small, however, as it will be counterproductive initially.  While it may look great in the long term, it may make for an unfinished look while on the market.

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